Microsoft Advertising has updated its reporting capabilities & usability

Microsoft Advertising has updated its reporting capabilities & usability image

Microsoft Advertising announced its “biggest reporting update in our history” by making the search ads reports “faster, easier, and more intuitive,” the company said. The company said reporting is now 60% faster to find and use.

60% faster? Microsoft said “the newly updated reporting dashboard within Microsoft Advertising includes a series of changes to help you get reports 60% faster, new alternatives for previewing information, as well as formatting options and shortcuts to streamline your process.”

It gives you the ability to select recently run reports directly from the drop-down menu and use default or customized reporting options.


Microsoft More Reporting Updates

Microsoft now lets you preview the reports without downloading them, and improved the load times. Also, the reporting supports conditional formatting, inline edits, sharing, scheduling, saving, scope changes, and common shortcuts often used in Excel. There is a new way to access custom reporting in a custom reporting landing page, plus more.


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