SEO Evolution

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The digital invasion to keep the marketeers ever so ready than before.

Technically while SEO experts keep wrestling with the google search algorithm.

The new tech tools arriving at our homes is making things exciting.

Today we talk about speakers like amazon echo ..speakers alias assistants who now turn on your favourite music, call your friend, create a to do list or even book a table at your favourite restaurant.

The advent of this not only creates challenges and excitement for the digital marketers. It keeps them on their toes, so as to beat the search algorithm at its own game.

The search algorithm is not only getting more specific but more human. Who would have thought long tail keywords would have so importance with changing lifestyle trends.

Of what I hear from one of my SEO expert associates; is that the mobile search result shows a tab for , “More Results”.

Now does this indicate the marketeers need to become more specific with their choice of keywords!

Would this mean a separate SEO Strategy for every device.

Also does this mean as customers we start talking to devices rather than type for them to respond. So as if typing was not enough; we start seeing people talking to devices on streets.

So is it digital evolution or digital adaption or digital invasion !

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